About F&B

We are a family business. We're small. Local. Bipoc owned. Women owned. LGBTQ+ owned.
We are all about forming relationships and building connections.  That's how we think change happens. And change is needed.
Our foundational beliefs are: Diversity. Equity. Inclusivity. Integrity.
We see differences and value them. We understand that different people have different needs. We believe in making space at the table for everyone.  And we believe that the right choice is often the hard one.
Our customization work began in 2019 through a small MN company. As is life, unexpected events resulted in the closing of that business. F&B Companies emerged from those circumstances. We are committed to building and growing the work and relationships that were created. 
Our process is simple. We bring your ideas to life through customized apparel, art, accessories, and more. All of our products are made to order and individually designed to meet your needs. All you need to do is ask. 
Life is full of challenges. We've been there. We're probably still there. Sometimes it helps to put emotions into outward expressions. In our own F&B designs, you'll see representations that are fearless and brave...fierce and bold...and everything in between.  Enjoy.
As always, we appreciate your support and continued business.
Aleida Zollman
Founder & Owner